To share the lives of the saints by providing truth, goodness, and beauty in a box.



Justin and I were working in our "we are going to feed ourselves" garden - which failed miserably! We were discussing the kids and the overall culture of our family. We were considering how, despite giving each of the kids a saint middle name, their saint hadn't made much of an impact.  For some reason, we thought giving each child their own "Saint" would automatically make that saint a sort of guide for them. The truth is, we really didn't discuss their saints that much. We weren't making any of the saints, and their exceptional lives, a priority in our everyday life.


“Art and the saints are the greatest apologetics for our faith,” said Pope Benedict XVI, but we weren't sharing their stories in a meaningful way that was really felt in our home.  It was then that I mentioned to Justin how I wish we could go online and pick a "saint box".  I told him I would love to be able to order a craft box that had tangible ways to teach our children about a specific saint so that their stories would become more real to them. 


He looked at me and said, "I can't believe that doesn't already exist...”  Silence then came over him as the wheels began turning. Being the entrepreneur that he is, he put down his shovel (remember, we were in the garden) and ran into his office.  He returned about 20 minutes later and said, "We are now the owners of Saint in a Box.com".  We have been talking for years about wanting a family business, working together as a family while at the same time helping others in some way. Saint in a Box has made that vision become a reality. From building the website, to keeping track of inventory, to testing everything we put in the boxes, the children play a major role in our little family business.  


Saint in a Box has made us become more intentional about teaching our children the lives of the saints.  Dinnertime conversations now include stories about the saints.  The process of creating and "trying out" box projects and activities have brought the stories of the saints to life. Our hope is that as we continue to learn about the saints, your family will join us...and maybe even move one step closer to becoming a saint! 

What do you think about the saints?

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M. Cecilia

Box Builder & Saint Dresser-upper

My favorite saints are St.Patrick and 

St.Cecilia. I love St.Cecilia because she is  my middle name.


F. Michael

"Kids as Saints Series" Supervisor

(see Instagram)

I like Saint Michael. I like him because he always fights the devil.

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A. Rose

Fulfillment Director 

I like learning about the saints when we do the crafts.



E. Bernadette

Creative Director

The one thing that all saints have in common is that they all lived for Christ.

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M. Thomas

Business Manager

John Paul II is awesome.

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A. Therese

Spiritual Director

The thought of learning about the saints enthralls me.

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H. Anne

Director of Distractions

Contemplating my answer... 


Justin & Angela

Proprietors and parents of some day saints (well...we are trying)

What we love most about the saints is the variety of examples they provide for almost every situation in life.  Every saint is unique and has something different to teach us about being faithful disciples.